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About Us

SWAPaSWAP was founded by a need…a need for the new, by trading in the old. SWAPaSWAP was created with the aim to "clear out your closet" with the things you no longer need and replace it with things you do without having to break the bank. For example…

Mr. Smith has a 40" television he no longer requires but would really like to fill that void in the room with a bookcase.

SWAPaSWAP is the forum to find someone looking to trade in a bookcase who maybe, just maybe, interested in upgrading his/her television. This is where it starts to get interesting. Are the traded items not of equal value? No problem, make an offer to supplement the trade with cash. It's as simple as that!  SWAP…a…SWAP  

Who we are

SWAPaSWAP was founded by two and a half entrepreneurs who found "the need"…
The Uptown Girl
Founder and Hoarder Extraordinaire
She was just an uptown girl, living in her uptown world…until her world was turned upside down with things in her uptown apartment that she no longer required.
The Backstreet Boy
Founder a.k.a Gizmo
He was just a backstreet boy who loved to frequently change his toys…until he realised he could no longer afford to do so…
The Crib Walker
Founder and…
He's just a baby!

For the record

SWAPaSWAP is an affiliate of Concierge Plus Limited a company incorporated in the United Kingdom.

Concierge Plus Limited

1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove,
Finchley, London N12 0DR,
United Kingdom.

Company registration: 08971247